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Aosta Valley

Aosta apartments

The apartments owned by Delson s.s., a company that leases real estates managed directly by the partners, are about 300 meters from the cableway to Pila, a renowned ski resort.
A 10 minute walk takes you to the historic center of Aosta that leads to the beautiful Piazza Chanoux. Nearby, supermarket, municipal swimming pool and riding school.

“I was so happy to admire these beautiful landscapes and the triumphal arch of Aosta, which I had a single desire to be expressed:  that life would last forever”.

Aosta Valley

Aosta, Roman city

Aosta, treasure chest to discover step by step, Roman city that carries with it the visible signs of that era, thanks to important monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, the Porta Pretoria, the city walls, the cathedral, the collegiate of Sant’Orso and in the environs the castles among the most beautiful in Italy…

Main valleys

Castles, strongholds

Ski resorts

Delson Aosta

Apartments & Rooms


Delson has two apartments, one located on the ground floor and the other on the first floor and can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people.


Delson on the second floor of two large attic rooms with bathroom and shower. Double bed and two single beds. No elevator.


Services included

Storage area

Local ski storage and / or sports equipment

Parking area

Private and illuminated parking space

External area

Common garden





Strada Voison, 58
11100 - Aosta